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  • The Smell of the Kill

    Black Box Production - Rated R for Adult Situations and Language
    Take three delicious, malicious wives, add three miserable, unloving husbands -
    and chill. That’s the recipe for this tantalizing new comedy. Nicky, Debra and
    Molly have tolerated each other at once-a-month dinners for years. The evening
    reveals that all three marriages are on the brink of disaster. When the men
    mistakenly lock themselves in a basement meat locker, the women are faced with a
    life-or-death decision: should they l....


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The Henderson County Performing Arts Center has committed to a capital campaign to invest in the future of the theatre. The Legacy program will enlist the support of the communities, civic organizations, schools, families, patrons and ARTS supporters who understand the part arts organizations play in a community’s overall quality of living.

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